Michael Scott

Photo of Michael Scott

Michael Scott was the founding President of Apple Computer and discovered a love for gemstones after he retired. Colored crystalline gemstones brought together both the love of aesthetics and his passion for understanding the physical universe. Over one million people have experienced “Light and Stone”, a carefully crafted exhibition of gemstones and minerals created by Mr. Scott.  Major shows have occurred at the Shanghai Museum in China, the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, and the Bowers Museum in Santa Anna, California, along with smaller shows in Tucson (TGMS), Carlsbad (GIA), California, as well as, in Santa Barbara, Seattle, Cleveland, as well as Idar-Oberstein, Triere and Munich, Germany. He provided the principle funds and management style to establish the theoretical  wurm.info and the experimental rruff.info mineral data websites. He also funded Dr Kip Thorne at Caltech who won the 2017 Nobel prize in physics. The mineral, scottyite, is named after him.