We want to thank Dr. Robert Downs and the mineral museum advisory board for the leadership and vision over the past 10 years during the museum’s time at Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium. 

Volunteers have always been an instrumental component in the success of the museum. We are sincerely grateful for all of their efforts. Dr. Yang and the museum volunteers packed, transported, and moved the entire museum collection to the new facility.  Mineral specimen washing and prep has been underway to get specimens display ready. Thank you to Les Presmyk for traveling to Tucson weekly.

We are sincerely grateful for the world class gem and mineral loans programmed for display from Dr. Gene Meieran, Dr. Rob Lavinsky, Les Presmyk, Robbie McCarty, Evan Jones, and Peter Megaw.  Guidance from the gem trade experts during the museum build out has been greatly appreciated from Cap Beesley, Bruce Bridges and Shelly Sergent.  Debra Colodner provided hands-on activity suggestions leading to the creation of the Crystal Lab as well as docent training.  John Lucking and Dr. Alex Schauss helped guide governance and aid fundraising efforts. Lastly, thank you to Will Wilkinson for providing modern mining content in the Arizona Gallery.



The Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum gratefully acknowledges the following past donors: 

2009 donors:

Muhammad and Sami Makki – numerous zeolites and other minerals from India
Harry and Christine Critchley – brewsterite from Strontian, Scotland

2008 donors:

Gene Meieran – an assortment of beryl, quartz, garnets, uvite and azurite from a variety of worldwide localities
Les Presmyk – azurite on malachite from Morenci, Arizona
Alejandro Romero – the Romero Martinez del Sobral Mineral Collection
Tim Burgan – a vesuvianite from Hercules, Mexico
Kris Downs – a garnet from Tucson, Arizona
Deena Martin – an azurite from Milpillas, Mexico and a calcite from Dal’negorsk, Russia
Gene and Jackie Schlepp – a quartz after danburite from Charcas, Mexico and a Hemimorphite from Mapimi, Mexico
Herb Obodda – a pollucite crystal from Paprok, Afghanistan
Sam Nasser – an apophyllite-(KF) from Sombrerete, Mexico
Sami Makki – many zeolite specimens from India
Tucson Gem and Mineral Society and Richard Graeme – two azurites and one malachite after azurite from Morenci, Arizona
Yohannes Truneh – two opals from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mark Candee – an azurite rose from Helvetia, Arizona
Marcus Origlieri – brochantite, chalcopyrite, smithsonite, dioptase and azurite from Morenci, Arizona and an azurite from China

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