The Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum gratefully acknowledges the following past donors: 

2009 donors:

Muhammad and Sami Makki – numerous zeolites and other minerals from India
Harry and Christine Critchley – brewsterite from Strontian, Scotland

2008 donors:

Gene Meieran – an assortment of beryl, quartz, garnets, uvite and azurite from a variety of worldwide localities
Les Presmyk – azurite on malachite from Morenci, Arizona
Alejandro Romero – the Romero Martinez del Sobral Mineral Collection
Tim Burgan – a vesuvianite from Hercules, Mexico
Kris Downs – a garnet from Tucson, Arizona
Deena Martin – an azurite from Milpillas, Mexico and a calcite from Dal’negorsk, Russia
Gene and Jackie Schlepp – a quartz after danburite from Charcas, Mexico and a Hemimorphite from Mapimi, Mexico
Herb Obodda – a pollucite crystal from Paprok, Afghanistan
Sam Nasser – an apophyllite-(KF) from Sombrerete, Mexico
Sami Makki – many zeolite specimens from India
Tucson Gem and Mineral Society and Richard Graeme – two azurites and one malachite after azurite from Morenci, Arizona
Yohannes Truneh – two opals from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mark Candee – an azurite rose from Helvetia, Arizona
Marcus Origlieri – brochantite, chalcopyrite, smithsonite, dioptase and azurite from Morenci, Arizona and an azurite from China

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