Collection Database

The record of the museum collection can be found online at

As we continue to work on the collections, this may not be the most up-to-date.  Please contact our curator, Susan Leib, for requests or questions.

RRUFF Project:

The RRUFF Project represents the research component of the museum. It contains chemical, crystallographic, and spectral data of selected samples.

University of Arizona 

Research Innovation & Impact (RII)

University of Arizona Geosciences Department

Flandrau: The UA Science Center

Minerals & Meteorites
A large online, user-supported, mineralogical reference with information on mineral species and localities. There are many images of different mineral species, and a message board and chat room for discussing collecting and classifying minerals as well as other topics.
A large mineralogical database with extensive information on mineral species and their classifications also includes images, optical, X-ray, and radiation data. Many species have 3D crystallographic models that can be freely rotated.

Meteorites and Their Properties
An excellent online book by Dr. David A. Kring with information on meteorite origins, discovery, and identification.

ASU Center for Meteorite Studies
Descriptions and pictures of different types of meteorites, information on how to identify a meteorite, and a map of the meteorite found in Arizona.

Geology & Mining

U.S. Geological Survey
Downloadable USGS topographic maps of the United States.

The Mining History Association
A Colorado-based association that publishes newsletters and journals related to mining and metallurgy.


Arizona Geological Survey
Source of information on Arizona's geology, mineral, and energy resources.

Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources
Information on Arizona mining, mining companies, claims, and mineral resources.