Field Trips

Click here for the Mineral Museum Field Trip Request Page (via Flandrau Science Center).

The field trip program provides students with a private tour through the Mineral Museum and a more interactive experience, including several activities. A typical program includes time to explore our asteroid cave, view rare and beautiful mineral specimens in our Hubert C. De Monmonier Collection, check out the only scale replica of the Martian surface, and students can try their hand at “crystal construction.” Downstairs in the Mineral Museum, all students will participate in a Mineral Scavenger Hunt and. Groups may also choose to do “Living in a Mineral World”. All of these activities are described below.

Mineral Scavenger Hunt

(Included in all field trips)

Kindergarten-12th grades (25 min.)

This game involves finding minerals on display in the museum based on drawings of their physical appearance. There are large specimens on display that can be touched and are easier for younger students to find. A second group of specimens found in the display cases are more suitable for older students. This exercise allows students to experience mineral forms, color and texture and encourages team-work.

Arizona State Science Standards:

Strand 6, Concept 1 (Kindergarten: PO 1; Grade 3, PO 3)


Living in a Mineral World

1st-12th grades (25 min.)

This interactive game helps students realize the importance of minerals that they use in their everyday lives. For example, a student may select a product and then try to decide which mineral(s) might used to manufacture that product. An alternate approach would be to choose a mineral and then try to decide which groups of products depend on that mineral for their manufacture.

Arizona State Science Standards

Strand 6 Concept 1 (Grade 1: PO2, PO3)


Click here for the Mineral Museum Field Trip Request Page (via Flandrau Science Center).