The Hubert C. de Monmonier Collection

An Unknown Treasure Comes to Tucson

His collection began with a box of minerals found under the porch of his grandparents’ house in Pearce, Arizona. After a lifetime of fascination, Hubert C. de Monmonier has grown his collection into a treasure trove of 871 mineral specimens of extraordinary beauty. Recovered from some of the most famous localities around the globe, the collection contains minerals from every continent except Antarctica.

For the first time ever, a portion of de Monmonier’s rare and beautiful collection was on display from February 9 to May 31, 2008 at The University of Arizona Mineral Museum at Flandrau: The UA Science Center. The exhibit included precious metals from gold to platinum, unusual gwindel and faden quartz specimens, and portions of de Monmonier’s outstanding collection of 300 classic mineralogy books.

The Mineral Museum and Flandrau: The UA Science Center would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous donation by Hubert C. de Monmonier. The collection is the finest, largest, and most diverse collection that the Museum has ever received.

The Mineral Museum also recognizes the following for their support of the Hubert C. de Monmonier Collection:

Richard Bideaux
Robert Cook
Gene Joseph
Marcus Origlieri
Les Presmyk
Terry Wallace

The Phelps Dodge Foundation

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